24 July 2009

studded mania

all gone
not restockable

The perfect studded cincher! *grins*

with edgy studs!
wear it the other way up! it's up to you :)

1st time seeing a red studded cincher ey?

in dark brown

in lighter brown ;)
this is the back :)

no worries on the studs poking you from underneath :)

NYUM! looks like chocolate hahaha..

comes in light brown, dark brown, white, black and red

Yes, indeed we have seen many studded cinchers but this one here is so different, no? The studs are not pyramid studs but more like round chocolate kinds! The studs are made of brass and we can't help but notice a certain edgyness from this one! A total keeper :)

comes with 5 holes.
total length: 30.5"
smallest hole: 23.8"
biggest hole: 27.8

approx. of 3 inches are left after that so you can punch more holes :)

rm30 only

1 comment:

faWwa said...

hi me again,can i have the red one?

please email me for status