30 November 2008


hey girls! :)
more updates coming up this 2 weeks!

look out for maxi dresses, killer white heels, dresses and more dresses and of course the all time favourite cinchers!

I would like to thank you all for the support for this past 3 months! It has indeed been overwhelming and very memorable. And I would like to say sorry to those who did not manage to get restocks for Black Blossom as suppliers were dried on that particular stock and not all managed to get the items. I cannot tell you how sorry I am.

As for the ones who ordered Blue Donut, I'm so sorry that the suppliers are out of them too. There was a little miscommunication and thank you to those who changed their orders to black blossom (which explains why black blossom stocks sold like hot cakes after that! :))

And also, thank you to all the review blogs that reviewed Miss OCD. You guys made this blog possible. thank you, thank you, thank you! :D

So, to the lucky girls who managed to get their hands on black blossom, svelte, penelope and west babe, do expect those packages to reach your doorstep on tuesday or wednesday (latest) as I have an advertisement shooting tomorrow (monday) and I'm not sure whether or not I can make it to the post office :/

and again, I thank you to all! :)

Miss OCD

26 November 2008

restock list


Restock List
(just so you can check whether your restocks came through)

Black Blossom:
1)Serene Ong - COD (DONE)
2)Sheeda - Pos Express (LX50 981 604 1MY)
3) Adreen - Pos Laju (EN149357541MY)
4) Amal - COD

1)Jo - COD (DONE)

1)Ken Ann (white) - Pos Laju (awaiting address)
2)Felice (cream) - Pos Laju (EN149357538MY)

West Babe:
1)Kai Lee - Pos Express (LX50 981 605 5MY)
2)Adreen - Pos Laju (EN149357541MY)
3)Juliet - Pos Express (LX50 981 610 9MY)
4)Michelle Gan - Pos Express (LX50 981 606 9MY)
5)Cynthia Ong - Pos Express (LX50 981 607 2MY)
6) Keat Yee - COD
7) Amal - COD

this restocks will take place this weekend (29 nov) and more new arrivals coming your way! :)

Miss OCD

25 November 2008

subtle, decent yet very very appealing

ola ladies!

2 more dresses for this week!

the focus on these 2 dresses are they are:

subtle, decent yet very very appealing

:) don't worry, they aren't you're typical sexy type
(specially for girls who are shy and don't want to show too much ;))

this my dears, are for you <3

Miss Liberty

all gone
not restockable
a long sleeve mermaid dress.
why mermaid? -this dress is double layered. scroll down for more details on that (:

neckline is not too low but nicely fitted :)

now, can u see the "double layer"? which means only one thing, not sheer at all! (:

full upfront picture

and who said you can't bring sexy dress on a decent dress? (;

measurement from shoulders to end of dress: 33"

only available in white, grey and black

fits uk6-uk12
(take note: this dress must be paired it with a cincher or else one would look really swishy swooshy in this one. cincher in picture not included.)

rm45 only

Blu Adore

all gone

not restockable
ah, whats not to like?

the loose turtle neck effect, elegant gathers at the front, balooned-batwinged sleeves and uber cute floopy pockets!

yayness! got to love the sleeves!

fits uk6-12
(take note: this dress must be paired it with a cincher or else one would look really swishy swooshy in this one. cincher in picture not included.)

only available in electric blue

measurement from shoulders to end of dress: 31"

rm45 only

well ladies, pieces are limited so please hurry :)

email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com


text: 016-2577131

to place those orders!


a small anouncement

and note to all recipients of the restock of blue donut, west babe, svelte, penelope, etc. i will be going to supplier's this weekend (29 nov) to collect your lovely items! and will be posting them out on that very monday itself. sorry for the long wait as life's been hectic and i do not go to supplier's very often. thanks for the understanding and love (:

and for those who have not banked in the cash, i have not placed your orders with the suppliers so if you are still interested, do pay up by this friday (28 nov) and for those who have been sitting back and thinking whether or not to restock the pieces for yourself, do not hesitate to drop me an email or sms! orders are still open! yay!

more updates coming your way!

17 November 2008


girls will be girls. we never have too many of everything!
all the more to have even more! yes? no? (:

enjoy loves!

flutter flo-wers!

all gone
not restockable
the name of this piece says it all.
combo of flutter sleeves + flower laced embroidery

gorgeous can?

made of flowy polyester!

only available in grey

fits uk6-uk12

measurements from shoulder to end of skirt: 32.5"

rm45 only
(belt not included)

blue donut

all gone
not restockable

why blue donut? cause the round round embroidery reminds me of donuts! and now u'll have dozens of donuts! whee (:

loose sleeves, laced finishings at sleeves, hem of skirt and neckline equals feminine! you don't need to try too hard in this piece!


ah. love love love

the material is really flowy too as u can see by the texture (:

made of flowy polyester!

only available in blue

fits uk6-uk12

measurements from shoulder to end of skirt: 31"

rm45 only
(belt not included)

west babe

all gone

not restockable

ah, so country girl no? who says looking country has got to be a bad thing? look at this piece! uber gorgeous with the layered skirt detail and not to mention the details at the neckline too! schweet.

another feminine piece! perfect for those meetings with the future in-laws! and ahem. current in laws too! or perhaps just lunch with the boyf!

so sweet and innocent!
pair it with a cincher for a fit look.

only available in off white/cream-liked

fits uk6-uk12

measurements from shoulder to end of skirt: 31"

rm45 only

(belt not included)

black blossom

all gone
not restockable

ah! the sleeves to this one is slightly longer! perfect for hiding those arms i say.

upclose. look at the amazing details!

i like (:

only available in black

fits uk6-uk12

measurements from shoulder to end of skirt: 29"

rm45 only
(belt not included)


text me: 016-2577131

or email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com


Miss OCD herself

15 November 2008


ola ladies!

I'm here to bring you this versatile piece!


all gone
not restockable

superbly comfortable top! (: pair it with skinnies and go out without looking over the top!

belt comes absolutely FREE! yeay (:

tuck in this piece and wala ;) u'll get a different look!

and a simple top means accessorizing! wear those funky necklaces and look absolutely fab! and the belt can be worn with your skinnies too! (and also as a cincher! awesomeness!)

pair it with that cute high waisted shorts too!

like it yet? the next picture will give you more reasons to love this piece!

it becomes a dress too! (:
(fyi sunnies and cincher in this pic is not included)

ah! nothing beats simplicity & comfort, no?

fits uk4-uk12

made of thick luscious cotton!
(a tad bit of a wool feel to this piece)

comes in green, white, grey and black

rm42 only


text me @ 016-2577131

or email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com


Miss OCD herself

12 November 2008

office lady 1.0

ola ladies!

Miss OCD's garden is no longer in tact so bear with the changes, we found a new layout! what better than a plain wall? (: (since I could not find a decent place to shoot these lovelies)

well, that's not the only change. if you'd browse down, u'll notice that the model does not look like the same one but it is! model had a spanking new haircut and a tan now so no worries. model is still uk6-8 (:

and and and, the photographer changed too. (due to being away and not being able to get the same one..)

anyways, enough with the blaberring.

this time round, tops!


ALL tops are:

1. made of cotton
(not too thick, not too thin type)

2. not sheer!
(well, of course you cannot wear a black bra underneath. wear nude darlings!)


all gone
not restockable

(in cream color.)
with lace ruffles instead of the cloth ones!

(in black color.)
the sash to tie around the neck is detachable (: tie it however you want. don't like it? just take it off! easy peasy!

(in white color.)
sash can be attached by buttoning it with the sash. don't get what i mean?
see the next picture.

sash is complete with a little hole to button it to the blouse!
genius (:


sleeves :)
complete with those pearl-liked cute buttons! uber cute (:

comes in black, cream and white only

fits uk6- small uk10

rm40 only

ruffle muffle

1 last piece in cream
not restockable

ah! ruffles love!


got to heart the sleeves! (:

you can open up the collars or keep it close! up to you (:

comes in white too (:


got to love the collars too! :D

comes in black and white only

fits uk6-uk10

rm40 only


all gone
not restockable

bow! big bow! :D:D:D

ah, very nice! bow made of top notch satin! soft and silkyyy!

little puffy poofy sleeves too! awesomeness.

sash not detachable darlings.
got to love the little lace details at the collars, no? :)

comes only in cream color.

fits uk6-uk10

rm40 only


limited pieces so please hurry hurry hurry (:

text me at: 016-2577131


email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com

next post is filled with dressessss! :)
wait for it.

Miss OCD herself

03 November 2008

fun in the sun!

updates brought earlier as i will not be home at 10pm. sms me for orders! (:
hey lovelies! i'm so so uber excited over this post! simply cause everything is so pretty! (ahems, but with such an affordable price of course!) this post is entirely on color color color! (:

feast your eyes!

butterfly pareo

moved to sales site:)

perfect for wearing on the beach, without revealing too much (;

upclose - dark blue

tie em' with any style! (; experiment experiment experiment!

upclose - red

notice the centre piece? totall detachable & comes with the pareo! made of coconut shell (;

if you're afraid of losing/breaking the center piece, miss ocd is selling it separately for rm10 for 3 pieces

do enquire within (:

go toga too! sweet (:

upclose - black

ah, so many ways of tying em'!

upclose - orange

go halter! (;

upclose - pink

material is so flawless!

(psst. made of flowy chiffon!)

upclose - green

enough said (: tie it with this way to a more flattering figure! flaunt it!

upclose - light blue

don't know which to choose? hope this helps!

(click to enlarge image)

comes in:
dark blue, red, black, orange, pink, green, light blue
flowy chiffon
72.5" X 42"
rm33 only
(comes with 1 free center piece which is totally detachable!)

center piece sold seperately for:

rm4 for 1 piece!
rm7 for 2 pieces!
rm10 for 3 pieces!

darling batik maxi
all gone

ah, makes me want to go to the beach!

smoked all the way till above the waist area as seen in the picture on model.

very figure flattering, you will not look pregnent/baby bump-ish!

comes in 6 colors!

comes in:

red, orange, pink-blue, pink, yellow and blue


100% rayon

size: free size!

would fit from a uk4-uk16 perhaps?

very very stretchy as it is smoked!

for referece sake, model is uk6-8

rm38 only



or text: 016-2577131


Miss OCD