12 November 2008

office lady 1.0

ola ladies!

Miss OCD's garden is no longer in tact so bear with the changes, we found a new layout! what better than a plain wall? (: (since I could not find a decent place to shoot these lovelies)

well, that's not the only change. if you'd browse down, u'll notice that the model does not look like the same one but it is! model had a spanking new haircut and a tan now so no worries. model is still uk6-8 (:

and and and, the photographer changed too. (due to being away and not being able to get the same one..)

anyways, enough with the blaberring.

this time round, tops!


ALL tops are:

1. made of cotton
(not too thick, not too thin type)

2. not sheer!
(well, of course you cannot wear a black bra underneath. wear nude darlings!)


all gone
not restockable

(in cream color.)
with lace ruffles instead of the cloth ones!

(in black color.)
the sash to tie around the neck is detachable (: tie it however you want. don't like it? just take it off! easy peasy!

(in white color.)
sash can be attached by buttoning it with the sash. don't get what i mean?
see the next picture.

sash is complete with a little hole to button it to the blouse!
genius (:


sleeves :)
complete with those pearl-liked cute buttons! uber cute (:

comes in black, cream and white only

fits uk6- small uk10

rm40 only

ruffle muffle

1 last piece in cream
not restockable

ah! ruffles love!


got to heart the sleeves! (:

you can open up the collars or keep it close! up to you (:

comes in white too (:


got to love the collars too! :D

comes in black and white only

fits uk6-uk10

rm40 only


all gone
not restockable

bow! big bow! :D:D:D

ah, very nice! bow made of top notch satin! soft and silkyyy!

little puffy poofy sleeves too! awesomeness.

sash not detachable darlings.
got to love the little lace details at the collars, no? :)

comes only in cream color.

fits uk6-uk10

rm40 only


limited pieces so please hurry hurry hurry (:

text me at: 016-2577131


email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com

next post is filled with dressessss! :)
wait for it.

Miss OCD herself

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