31 July 2009

because giving is better than receiving..

*please read before proceeding to updates :)*

Wassup Dolls? :D

Due to the overwhelming response to last week's accessories post, Miss OCD brought in MORE! :) All are from Hong Kong and ALL are NOT RESTOCKABLE. And if you looked closely to the title of this post, it is entitled "Giving is better than receiving.." What does it mean? It means that ALL ACCESSORIES in this post (and in the future) will come with a free pos express! (No matter how many you buy!) How awesome is that? :D Enjoy the post ahead loves! We have 2 tops and plenty of accessories (and also 1 restock item!) .. All made of top notch quality! :D


Miss OCD

capey cape

all gone
email for restocks

A very sophisticated cover up piece

in grey

true color
love those flutter sleeves!

pleated to sophistication + puffly liked flutter sleeves! LOVE!

without cincher: navy blue

loose and flawless!

the cape-liked back

:) :) :)

A friggin' cape! Miss OCD was so stoked when this piece was spotted. Very different, no? This cover up makes one look so effortless and not to mention the flowy material is to die for!!! :D The back screams gorgeous! The cape speaks for itself! Also, this piece can be worn anywhere. Just pair it with your everyday outfit and look awesome with this extra layers! A head turner? Absolutely!

fits uk4-14
comes in navy blue, grey and black
(YES! Black too. But no pictures for the black)
made of flowly smooth material + stretchable
easy to iron

rm45 only

la mode

all gone
email for restocks

Since the peplum fever has not gotten to the supplier(s) yet, Miss OCD eyed this top that can be paired with a mini skirt/bondage skirt to get an awesome peplum effect :)

super gorgeous pleats! :) yummy yummy!

made of luscious satin :)

smoked. bow.

what so great about this top? the bust area is fully padded just like the dresses in f21! This feature makes it very comfortable to wear as well! A total sweet deal!

Yes, this top has been seen widely in many online boutiques. But Miss OCD went gaga when this baby was spotted. The quality leaves one speechless! From it's fully padded bust to the flawless satin... What more can a girl ask for? Speaking about versatility, this top can be paired with a skirt, jeans and even those sexy shorts. As seen in the pictures, this one is a winner hands down.

fits uk6-10
comes in pale pink, white and grey
made of awesome quality, satin is non shiny/glossy
very classy, sophisticated, simple and subtle

measurements laid flat:
pit to pit: 12.4"
length from armpit: 17"

rm45 only


all gone
not restockable

multi chain necklace ;) chic!

uber awesome layers!

the back


comes in color 1 and 2

Remember this babies from the givency fall colelction? Dare not carry that super multi chain necklace? Take it down a notch with this chainos! (i love calling it that! :D) This necklace is subtle but sexy. Not too over the top definitely! Very useful when dressing up as well! Pair this with a plain tee, skinnies, oversized hobo bag, killer shoes and this chainos and wheeee! you're good to go :)

rm30 with pos express
not restockable

don't funk with my heart

all gone
not restockable



can be opened, store nostalgic photos of loved ones.. After all it is a necklace worn on your neck.. super close to your heart! :D perfectttt!

open, close.

not plastic-liked at all
only comes in 1 color
imported from Hong Kong

Awwwww... A heart necklace! Simple and chic ;) This necklace reminds me of the lockets back in the days! I remember when I was a child, I saw movie's where the wife is missing the hubby that went off to war and she keeps this locket where when it is flipped open, a picture of her hubby is there! You feel me ;) ? But this necklace is unlike the olden days ones because it comes with a long chain, trendy and totally up to date! ;)

rm30 with pos express
not restockable

the owl family

all gone
not restockable

owl 1

upclose: owl 1
look at the diamond eyes + crown O.O
owl 2

upclose: owl 2
with diamond eyes

owl 3

upclose: owl 3

can be bent like that!

only available in 3 owl designs.

Aren't the owl(s) gorgeous? Totally unique too, no? These necklaces are super quirky and can be paired with almost anything! I personally love their diamond eyes features! Really owly! What more, they are not restockable and only very limited pieces in hand. What are you waiting for?

made of metal
quality assured
non-cheapo looking
imported from Hong Kong

measurements of owl pendant(s):
owl 1 length: 6.5cm
owl 2 length: 5cm
owl 3 length: 8cm

owl 1: rm32 only with pos express
owl 2: 30 only with pos express
owl 3: rm35 only with pos express

*not restockable*

30 July 2009

spoilt for quality.

Quality speaks louder than words.
If you are sick of cheapo stuff being sold online, this upcoming post is for you.

Top notch quality assured.

Date: 31st July, Friday
Time: 8pm

See you there!

Miss OCD

27 July 2009


Hey girls!

A mini update this time round.. Include your name, item(s) desired and hp no in your orders :)

text: 016-2577131

**I would like to highlight an issue regarding payment(s). Please remember to send receipt/print screen after payment.. This is very important ok dearies? And also please do inform after payment is made.. This applies to restock orders as well..**

Miss OCD


all gone
not restockable

very ala cleopatra, no? :)


awesome details!

adjustable length

made of metal
(not plastic-ish at all!)

rm35 only

oh my doctor!

all gone
not restockable

in tan brown

in dark brown


see it upclose

straight on view

side view


amazing details


magnetic click!

adjustable straps (straps are detachable!)

inside (1 zipped compartment)

comes in tan brown and dark brown
made of awesome synthetic leather with suede ish lining

base? 9.2
at the sides? 3.8
how tall? 7"

rm48 only

half cup please

all gone
not restockable


maroonish red


fits uk4-10
adjustable straps
available in black, maroonish red and blue
made of superbly comfortable stretchy cotton

measurements laid flat:
pit to pit: 14"
length from armpit: 15.5"
this sexylicious piece speaks for itself :)

rm25 only


all gone
not restockable

teehee! a tuxedo top ;) quirky quirky!


the cutesy back with the little peep hole & round button!

fits uk4-10
available in black and white
made of high quality stretchable cotton

measurements laid flat:
pit to pit: 16.5"
shoulder to shoulder: 13.8"
length: 22.5"

Mm hmm! A tuxedo shirt! complete with the bow and laced centre! Super quirky and different :)

rm38 only

wild wild vest

all gone
not restockable


side view: grey

a very casual vest ;) not to mention it is quiet slouchy.. perfect for those lazy days!


the back

available in black and grey
fits uk4-12
made of comfy cotton

Yup! We definitely need a casual looking vest.. Not looking too formal, and not looking too serious. Am I right? This is perfect! Adding on with the fringe details at the front screams gorgeous but not over the top!

rm24 only