31 July 2009

don't funk with my heart

all gone
not restockable



can be opened, store nostalgic photos of loved ones.. After all it is a necklace worn on your neck.. super close to your heart! :D perfectttt!

open, close.

not plastic-liked at all
only comes in 1 color
imported from Hong Kong

Awwwww... A heart necklace! Simple and chic ;) This necklace reminds me of the lockets back in the days! I remember when I was a child, I saw movie's where the wife is missing the hubby that went off to war and she keeps this locket where when it is flipped open, a picture of her hubby is there! You feel me ;) ? But this necklace is unlike the olden days ones because it comes with a long chain, trendy and totally up to date! ;)

rm30 with pos express
not restockable

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