05 July 2009

After a long long time..

Hey girls!

I am back with more goodies! Today's style is more to comfort since the heat is only getting the best of us :) But hey! Comfort does NOT mean one needs to be less stylish okay? All the more it gives us girls to get in the sun and work that tan :D Or if you'd like, you can just add a pretty umbrella and wala! Hehehe :D The usual drill girls! Reservation lasts for only 24 hours or else the item will go to the next buyer automatically. Black listed customers will not be entertained at all and I would like to stress that to all buyers out there. Serious buyers are very welcomed here :)

Email/SMS your details (name, items, hp no) upon order
email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com OR sms: 016-2577131

Psst! Do remember to check out MR OCD during this week as there are also MORE updates for guys! Yay!

Miss OCD

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