08 July 2009

cover up

all gone

There's something about this piece that made my heart skip a beat when I first saw it. The first was because it was really flowy. Second would be that this piece has a lot of volume to it :) It does not just fall flat. 3rdly, it looks very very confortable! This means eating without worrying about a wee bit of buldging tummy showing! Fourthly, I would believe this one here has a lot of korean & japanese influence. You know, the way their clothes tend to be designed? Not to mention, the prominent pockets and the big round button in the middle :) I would say this would be a perfect outfit for lazy days :D

fits uk6-14
made of cotton
comes with inner spaghetti top
color falls in the middle of black and dark grey/brown
(not sure what color to call it)

rm53 only

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