31 July 2009

the owl family

all gone
not restockable

owl 1

upclose: owl 1
look at the diamond eyes + crown O.O
owl 2

upclose: owl 2
with diamond eyes

owl 3

upclose: owl 3

can be bent like that!

only available in 3 owl designs.

Aren't the owl(s) gorgeous? Totally unique too, no? These necklaces are super quirky and can be paired with almost anything! I personally love their diamond eyes features! Really owly! What more, they are not restockable and only very limited pieces in hand. What are you waiting for?

made of metal
quality assured
non-cheapo looking
imported from Hong Kong

measurements of owl pendant(s):
owl 1 length: 6.5cm
owl 2 length: 5cm
owl 3 length: 8cm

owl 1: rm32 only with pos express
owl 2: 30 only with pos express
owl 3: rm35 only with pos express

*not restockable*

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