31 December 2009


Boxing site updated:)


Head over for the BEST DEALS ever!

Love always,
Miss OCD

26 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hey girls!

First of all, Miss OCD would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! :) Thank you for all the love an support in 2009! As the year is heading to and end, we'd like to assure each and everyone of you that Miss OCD is not going anywhere. We have a lot of plans for next year.. :) Back to the updates.. Just a gentle reminder that Miss OCD will be abolishing the 24 hours reservation to make things fair for other buyers. Now, item(s) will go to the ones who can bank in the money 1st. This is to make things fair for the everyone. I hope you girls understand. For more info on online banking, do visit your respective bank(s). New rules to follow:
  • 1st pay, 1st get basis. Email to enquire if they are still available. If they are, a reply will be sent with total amount along with bank details.
  • Please email once payment is made (very very very important!) If no emails are sent, items will still be up for grabs.
  • Usual promotion still stands: Buy rm100 and above (garments) and enjoy free poslaju.
  • SMS has been discontinued.
  • Email your orders to: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com with Order name and Tel no
  • Lastly, happy shopping :)
Love always,
Miss OCD

25 December 2009

snake pumps

all gone
not restockable


animal printed pumps :)

now adding to an X factor = crossed pumps :)



gorgeously snaked!

front platforms

stitched nicely at the back


made of smooth PU leather
(the snake PU skin is not glossy/scale-liked at all!)

front plat form:

available in
size 35(4) insole measurement: 23cm : 1 last pair
size 36 (5) insole measurement: 24cm : all gone
size 37 (6) insole measurement: 24.5cm : all gone
size 38 (7) insole measurement: 25cm : 1 last pair
size 39 (8) insole measurement: 26cm : all gone

it is advisable for you to measure your feet before purchasing the size :)

rm75 only
postage for shoes are rm8 (west msia)/rm10 (east msia)


all gone
not restockable


gorgeous as ever!

wear it as a handbag

or sling it



comes with 15 gorgeous charm brooches
They are NOT glued on but punched in. It cannot be removed

comes with 2 PU straps.
1 short (not adjustable, detachable)
1 long (adjustable and detachable)

only long strap is adjustable

upclose on quilts

black interior
do not be fooled by its size! it can store a LOT of things! scroll lower to see its side profile :)



  • with quilted flap
  • 2 PU detachable straps (1 short - not adjustable and 1 long - adjustable)
  • black interior & exterior
  • front quilted only
  • with base
  • equipped with 15 charm brooches
  • with 2 red boxes on front (bottom right and left)
As stated in the beginning of the post, there are 2 more versions to this bag with a slightly different in design (but with the same brooches :) and equally gorgeous!). if you are interested, email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com to enquire. also available in red and navy for other designs.

rm98 only
postage cost: rm6 (west msia)/rm8 (east msia)
comes with bubble wrap and cardboard armor to protect the charm brooches

silver pretzel

all gone
not restockable

laid flat

when worn



28.5" long
1 size fits all
not adjustable
no buckle, so just put it on
thick, reminds me of a snake :)

comes with bubble wrap and cardboard armor

pearl twister

all gone

laid flat

when worn

gorgeous combo! chainssss + pearls ;) an elegant-edgy twist!

with 7 layers ;)



one size fits all

This necklace is gorgeous to bits! You'd be having sleepless nights if you do not get this..

rm48 only
with bubble wrap and cardboard armor


all gone
not restockable

white - laid flat

white - side view

gold - laid flat

gold - side view

silver - laid flat

silver - side view

pink - laid flat

pink - side view

when worn

comes in white, pink, silver and gold (left to right)

notice the little hearts on the chains? adorable!

rm29 only
with bubble wrap and cardboard armor

neptune knots

all gone

the niceeeeessst color ever!
not your usual gold and silver ones..

when worn

in shades of bronze, dark green and black
made complete with diamonte :)

1 size fits all

It's hard to come by this shade of beauty. If everyone is wearing gold and silver, you wear this bronze-green combo ;) If you are an individualistic, this could be for you..

rm45 only

big 'o' pearls

all gone

laid flat

upclose on big round pearls
doesn't it remind you of a character in Flinstones?


when worn

a timeless and classic piece
very evergreen and can be paired with anything ;)

1 size fits all

rm45 only
with bubble wrap and cardboard armor