18 December 2009


all gone

dark washed skinnies :)
for those who already have enough of light washed jeans..

very nice cutting..

noticed the lines? you know what this illusion mean: elongated + slimmer legs

its all about making an illusion ;)

the line goes all the way to the bottom!

with a very skinny cutting + a twist of rubberized ends :)

made of thick elastic rubber that hugs your ankle nicely :)

low waist

super deep pockets

on the right side, you have double pockets :)

a zip slot right above your two back pockets


made of thick jeans material
slightly stretchable
supplier claims that they are exactly the same as the ones seen in ZARA
the most gorgeous dark washed jeans I have ever seen!
when worn a lot of times, the jeans will stretch out so it is NOT advisable to take a size bigger (this is due to experience :)) it will be a little tight for a while but it will even out soon so don't worry :)

available in:
size 25
waist - 14", length - 36"
size 26
waist - 14.5", length - 36"
size 27
waist - 15", length - 36.5"
size 28
waist - 15.5", length - 37"
size 29
waist - 16", length - 37.5"

all measurements provided are laid flat
waist = low waist
measure your waist. if they are 27", you should get size 27 :)

rm75 only

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Anonymous said...

hi...ocd..!! :D luv dis jeans so much...!! :) izit restockable..?? pls say it is T.T