18 May 2009

new straits times

Hey girls!

First and foremost I would like to thank Rizuwan from NST for the lovely review on Top 3 Shopping Blogs and to Melisa Ann for scanning this picture for me :) AND not forgetting to my dearest customers for the kind support and love thus far. It is because of you girls, Miss OCD is featured in the New Strait Times papers today! (18 May, Monday) at the Streets Section Page 7 :) Miss OCD was started last year around August and before I started the blog I was very unsure of whether or not things will work out.. And through all this months, you girls have been such an enormous blessing to me. The reason for starting this shopping blog was because I love shopping and dressing up and most importantly it was because being in university was tough due to many expenses. And me, being the last child did not want to be a financial burden to my parents. You girls are always going to be what this blog is all about...... I am lost for words. Thank you to all the chica's out there who made this happen for me :) And lastly, I am trully sorry if I have offended any of my customers. I am still improving on many hiccups :)
Thank you, thank you, thank you (:

Miss OCD

10 May 2009

the LOUD collection

Hey OCD-ers! :D:D:D

This will be my LAST collection till the END of JUNE. Reason being this is my finals and I'm gonna have a few trips after that :) Do enjoy this update!

Email your orders with your NAME, HP Number and ITEM NAME :)
email add: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com
text: 016-2577131 (advisable to email me due to credit limitations at the mo')

I will miss doing this for a month! In the meantime, I will recuperate and I will be back with a big bang! :D

Miss OCD

Mini Checks

all gone

A mini checkered skirt with zippers! OMG :O
In black white

In blue and black

Unzip the zippers and you'll get two uber cute functional pockets! Yay!

Comes in blue black and black white
Fits uk 4-8
Skirt made of cotton
Comes with smooth lining underneath
Waistband is rubbered and covered in satin cloth

Measurements laid flat:
length: 15.2"
hips: 18"
waist (unstretched): 12.5"
waist (stretched to maximum): 18"

rm45 only
sale price: rm33 with post express!

more info on sale items here

Bling Bling

all gone

Kate Moss with a Sequined Blazer :)

Presenting Miss OCD's very own version ;)

Oh sequins! What's not to like? :))

Sequined cover up with Exposed zipper :) With rubbered sides and arms!

In black

In purple

Just zip zip up! :)

now, we can all look good without freezing in the cold during office/lecture hours! :)
It has a smooth lining inside so you do not have direct contact with the sequins which can be itchy! :)

made of cotton, rubber and sequins!
available in: grey, black and purple
fits uk4-10

measurements laid flat:
overall length: 16"
shoulder to shoulder: 13"
pit to pit: 15"
sleeves: 8.5"

rm40 only
sale price: rm30 with post express!

more info on sale items here

Loud Flowers

all gone
not restockable

The next piece is f21 and topshop inspired piece.
Another floral frenzy but with big bold flowers accompanied with rich colors! (:
You may ask, "What's the deal with floral prints now?" Be it with small prints or big ones, they never fail to scream for you! (in a good way of couse :))

picture credited to http://demicouture.ca/

Also spotted on celebrities

Want to get the look?

Miss OCD has a solution for u! :)



In blaring royal purple!
With a tinge of sunny yellow, red and striking baby blue.
The color combination may sound so wrong but it screams so right! :D
Pair this piece with that studded cincher and you'll be sure to turn heads your way :)

In Oolala Red!
With pink, green and a little orange.
Avery feminine color to go with (:

Comes with functional side pockets too :)

Comes with corset bones and underwire at bust area

With a back hidden zip and adjustable straps!

Comes in Size S and M
Available in Purple and Red

Made of hard cotton
Material is smooth and slightly stretchable
Comes with corset bones and underwire at bust area

Measurements for Size S laid flat:
length from bust to end of dress: 26.5"
pit to pit: 15.5"
high waist: 13.2" (slightly stretchable)

Measurements for Size M laid flat:
length from bust to end of dress: 27"
pit to pit: 16.8"
high waist: 14.8" (slightly stretchable)
You can get this piece at only a small fraction of what it costs!

rm55 only

Angel Wing

all gone

a long tee with an angel wing! :)

the nackline suggests one can wear this as a full off shoulder or just a one sleeve off shoulder :)

in white

uber stretchy and comfy too :)

This is such a versatile piece that can be worn with anything! The top is long enough to be worn with leggings or if you're really really petite you can wear this as a mini dress ;) If not, feel free to pair this with your lazy shorts, skinnies, acid/stone wash jeans, etc etc etc! Put on heels for a chic look or pair em' with trendy flats for an effortless I-just-woke-up look ;) Hehe! And the print speaks for itself too ;)

comes in grey, white and red (The color falls around hot pink and red. Refer to pic for true color)

fits uk6-10
not sheer at all (even the white! material is thick enough :))

made of very soft and comfortable cotton + lycra. awesome awesome material really!

measurement laid flat:
length: 29"
shoulder to shoulder: 13.8"
pit to pit: 17"
sleeves: 6"

rm39 only


More goodies for you girls :)

picture credited to thegalactica.com

Date: 10 May 09 @ 2300

I know it is a little late for an update but it will be worth the wait OCD-ers!

What to expect: uber loud pieces! for the bold, daring and fun! :D

Miss OCD

06 May 2009

Another one :)

Hey babes :)

Enjoy this update with high waisted skirts of all lengths! For both work and play of course (; And some quirky tops and more studded belts too! :) The usual procedures to order is the same ol'. Just email or SMS your orders with your NAME and ITEMS! :)

email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com
text: 016-2577131

Miss OCD

04 May 2009


all gone
not restockable

And another studded one!

Upclose on the studs on black and white :)


comes in black and white
fits uk4-12

rm36 only


all gone
not restockable


Side view
With functional side pockets

Back view
With functional back pockets

buttons love!

Teehee. This piece is a super gorgeous one! With the black and white gingham prints on it, you're bound to not end up wearing the same ol' black high waisted piece like everyone else! :D

only comes in Size S
made of corporate cotton
super gorgeous!

Size S measurements laid flat:
waist: 12.5"
length: 17.5"

rm50 only

Tic Tac Toe

all gone
not restockable

Wheee :) A one of a kind top where can be worn both ways!

Wear it with a peep hole and button or fully covered? It's really up to you :)

Pair this with your high waisted goodies or wear it loose! Add a cincher and your glossy tights if you wanna ;)

This is how it looks without being tucked in :)

buton button! :D

comes in dark blue and black
fits uk4-10

measurements laid flat:
pit to pit: 18"
shoulder to shoulder: 13"
length : 22 "

rm46 only
sale price: rm30 with post express!

more info on sale items here

Plaid Please

all gone
not restockable

Yay to plaids!

Plaid please is the skirt :) It is not joined to the top.

Very figure flattering piece and hangs nicely at the high waist! :D

With side pockets!

And back pockets too :) Zip yourself up with the hidden back zip!

And to complete the look, there are super cute plaid buttons! The buttons are functional too! Hehe!

This piece is so playful! It's time to add some fun in work girls! This one here can be worn as a casual/formal outfit :)

only available in black
made of thick cotton
comes in size S and M

Size S measurements laid flat:
waist: 12"
length: 18.5"

Size M measurements laid flat:
waist: 13"
length: 19.2"

rm50 only

Festive Floral

all gone
not restockable

It's a floral festivity! :) There's always something about floral pieces. It can turn you from zero to hero (well, not literally a hero but you get what I mean :)) Just pair this with any basic tank tops, t-shirts, half quarter sleeves, etc etc and you're bound to look fab-u-lous!

in blue (:

in vintage yellow! ;)

I call this the English Rose printed skirt! So very very feminine and demure :)

In pink-red ish little flowers with yellow flowers! Uber cute :)

This piece is so comfy, it will make you twirl twirl twirl ;) Oh and did I mention you can wear this as a tube top too?!

take your pick!

This piece is not restockable dearies!
made of light cotton with lining and smoked sides.
comes in 4 colors: blue, yellow, red and pink

fits uk4-12

measurements laid flat
waist (unstretched): 11"
waist (stretched): 20"
length: 18"

This skirt comes a little longer than usual. Perfect for the tall ones out there! :P And also, you can wear it as a high waisted, or semi high waisted.. It's really up to you!

rm40 only


all gone
not restockable

High waisted mini that is not too mini that you have everyone staring straight at you know where :)

with tastful pleats, functional pockets and a thick waistline to enhance that waist! :D

With side hidden zippers :)

only available in black
comes in size S and M
made of thick cotton, perfect for work and play! :)

Size S measurements laid flat:
waist: 13"
length: 16.5"

Size M measurements laid flat:
waist: 14"
length: 17.5"

rm50 only

MORE Updates!

picture credit to thegalactica.com

Hey girls,
There will be another update this week! Yay :)
Things to look forward to: MORE high waisted goodies, some floral, some for the working women out there and more studded belts! :)

Date: May 6th(Wednesday)
Time: 9pm

See you there!

Miss OCD