18 May 2009

new straits times

Hey girls!

First and foremost I would like to thank Rizuwan from NST for the lovely review on Top 3 Shopping Blogs and to Melisa Ann for scanning this picture for me :) AND not forgetting to my dearest customers for the kind support and love thus far. It is because of you girls, Miss OCD is featured in the New Strait Times papers today! (18 May, Monday) at the Streets Section Page 7 :) Miss OCD was started last year around August and before I started the blog I was very unsure of whether or not things will work out.. And through all this months, you girls have been such an enormous blessing to me. The reason for starting this shopping blog was because I love shopping and dressing up and most importantly it was because being in university was tough due to many expenses. And me, being the last child did not want to be a financial burden to my parents. You girls are always going to be what this blog is all about...... I am lost for words. Thank you to all the chica's out there who made this happen for me :) And lastly, I am trully sorry if I have offended any of my customers. I am still improving on many hiccups :)
Thank you, thank you, thank you (:

Miss OCD


Jenny said...

Still remember me? I got always look at the updates of your blog,hehe.... keep it up for the hard work. Your blog seems to be more successful ^^

miss ocd said...

Hi Jenny! :)Thank you for always dropping by and keeping up with the weekly updates :) <3 Tqtq :D

Jenny said...

You are welcome, if there are any clothes that attracting me in your blog next time, I'll surely order it from you, hehe... Wish you successful in this business ya. Keep in touch ok, I miss the days when I hang out with you, haha... though my English not that fluent to communicate with you. :P At least you got a stable "job" before you can get a formal job in this recession time. Good luck babe.

heidi said...

congrats babe! :D