05 January 2015

07 September 2014

A big HELLO!

Hey girls!

I know, I know it has been AGES since I last updated. Guess my Overseas items did not work out as planned because I was super busy. Well, do not be disappointed.. I have some pretty damn good news to share with all of you.

I am leaving my job in Singapore.

You read correct.

I really am leaving the very sought after Singapore Dollar and I am stomping back to Kuala Lumpur!

As many of you would have guessed, I did join an Airline but I never announced it officially on the blogshop due to conflict of interest from my current employer. But now and I can stretch my legs and finally say that you can count on this humble little blog to bring you your hearts desire (clothes wise :))

But first things first, I would need your feedback ladies. I have been out of this so-called game and I need your opinion on things (I am counting on my loyal fellow OCD-ers that have followed me from yesteryears! Back when blogshops were the IT thing (think 2008) and back when updates were anticipated with gleeful squeals and non stop clicking of the refresh button)

But fret not, Miss OCD will definitely be an official website when launched :)

So, I would appreciate your opinion on:
(please email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com)

Maybe you can start of with: I am (name), my dress size is (insert)
- Please do not be shy! Its all for record taking purposes. But if you do not feel comfortable then it is also okay :)

  • clothes you would like to see, colors, prints, lace? latex? errrr...
  • what size are you?
  • whats hot, whats not
  • do you girls prefer self manufactured items? or just hand picked items from overseas?
  • who do you think will be Miss OCD's competitor (muahahaha..)
  • hey! you can just drop by and say hi
  • ORRRRR if any of you are interested in joining an airline, you can feel free to ask me anything. I will try and answer you if I can :)
  • basically you can email me anything random too as I would like to hear from all of you... But please, no nude photos or weird creepy emails ;P
  • IF you do own a website (ahem ahem a competitor.. ;P) and think you and I can work something out, I am all ears.
  • And if you own an APP and would like to include Miss OCD as one of your clients, please do not hesitate to email me.

And lastly, I would like to say a BIGGGG thank you to all of my loyal followers! I thought you girls would have probably moved on but I was shocked at the stats that blogger provided. It showed me that this blog captured visits everyday even though there were no updates made.

And actually in that minute moment I decided to write this post.

You girls really never cease to inspire and keep me going :)
And I really really really appreciate it all.

*big big hugs*

So keep those emails coming in okay?

I really cannot wait to be back!

-Laura ;)

24 August 2011


hello girls,

finally an update! we apologize because it took so long for us to sort out our stuff. but we hope you like this update. the items are a tad bit more expensive simply because we got them overseas. every piece is worth it and specially picked from all over the world! we guarantee top notch items ;)

for orders, email: miss.ocd.in.shopping

please sate:
item name:
color (if applicable)
postage: poslaju/pos express
(please state if you from sabah/sarawak if you are opting from pos laju)

miss ocd


all gone
not restockable

exclusively from london




only available in black
a clutch/sling bag
outer layer made of padded cotton
metal buckle
immaculate workmanship

rm80 only

miss straw

1 last piece
not restockable

exclusively from london





a sling bag/clutch
made of straw and cotton
each piece is not perfectly square as it is made of straw ;)
a fun colored bag!

rm60 only

atomic strawberry belt

all gone
not restockable

exclusively from london

fits uk6-10
(you can punch in more holes for a bigger fit)
super adorable slim cutting cincher!
only available in black
strawberry piece is made of metal
lined with PU

rm30 only

holding hands belt

all gone
not restockable

exclusively from amserdam


a cincher (waist belt)
fits uk6-10
(more holes can be punched in to fit a bigger side)
awesome finishing
thick + lined with thick PU
front : fabric
buckle, belt stop are made of metal

we know its very pricey but this vintage inspired piece is a beauty! we paid a hefty price for this precious find. definite one in a million!

hooded mystery

all gone
not restockable

exclusively from japan

with hood
(hat not included)

side view

batwing + oversized



available in black and grey
made of cotton
batwing + hooded + oversides
perfect for lazy days
free size

rm79 only


all gone
not restockable

exclusively from japan

our very first nightie!

upclose on bust are

ribbons on the side

meant to be worn slightly loose (babydoll style)
very innocent yet sexy piece ;)
only available in pale pink
bust area is made of chiffon (fully lined)
adjustable straps

rm79 only

oversized white shirt

1 last piece
not restockable

exclusively from japan


side view

knots can be untied

bat wing


semi hard collar

from japan
immaculate finishing
made of soft flowy cotton
oversized, batwing
only comes in white
slightly sheer
free size

rm79 only

20 August 2011

we are still very much alive.

Hello girls!

this are some of our sneaks for an update coming to you soon.

things from japan and the uk

we will be updating on:

wednesday august the 24 at 5pm

for those who have NOT subscribed to our updates, please do so!

just email us at: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com and
type "i want to subscribe!" and you're done!

love love love,
missy oh