22 January 2009


LAST postage day is THURSDAY 22 JAN 09. Do bank in before 3pm on the 22nd JAN 09 to get your goods before CNY :) Thank you.

A happy CNY to you all!

Hey girls! ;)

I missed one baju out from yesterdays post :/ other than that, all items are ONE piece items so hurry okay?

As for the belts, they are designed and made by the local designers at my overseas venture. So there is ONLY ONE in this whole wide world!!! :) The price is surprisingly reasonable as I bought off ALL the belts from the designer ;) So be sure to grab one for yourself okay?

And the usual, do provide your name and items desired in your TEXT(016-2577131) and EMAIL miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com

Much Love,
Miss OCD

21 January 2009


looks like i missed this piece for yesterday's update. nonetheless, this piece is gorgeous as the rest! :)

love the pleated slouchyness at sleeve area.


tie that waist and show some skin for the daring

hearts :)

comes in grey only
fits uk6-uk12

rm40 only

Studded Cincher

only one available

rm35 only

SOLD to Pumpkin


telephone necklace ;)
handle: 5.5cm

even equipped with the springy wires! so old shool omg :D

height from handle till bottom of telephone: 4.5com

length of chain: 73cm

only one available

rm35 only

Princess Elle-phant

measurements of elephant with crown : 5cm


measurement of key : 3cm


with ribbon and pastel pink beads :)

length of chain :80 cm

made of metal
(lightest among all other necklaces posted!)

only one available

rm29 only


the clock does actually work ;)



clock alone: 3com
chain: 74cm

only one piece available

made of good quality metal

rm38 only

SOLD : Shea Leen
not restockable


woot! a trolly necklace! :D:D:D

side view
height: 6.5cm

front view
measurements: 5.7cm
(from handle till front of trolley)

back view

the chain

made of good quality metal ;)

only 1 piece available

length of necklace : 28"

rm35 only

SOLD :Chrisanne
not restockable

BOWS galore!

Medium Sized Bows : 14.5cm

From top to bottom:
Big Bow 1 : SOLD - Shevon
Big Bow 2 : SOLD - SL
Big Bow 3 : SOLD - TL
Big Bow 4 : SOLD - Sherelyn
Big Bow 5 : SOLD - SL

not restockable


Big Bow 1-5 : all rm12 each


comes in 4 solid colors
all rm8 each

from left: pink, magenta . green and electric blue

from left to right:

Small Bow 1 : SOLD - Shevon
Small Bow 2 : SOLD - Sherelyn
Small Bow 3 : SOLD - Kirsteen Lum
Small Bow 4 : SOLD - Shevon

not restockable




comes in 5 different prints

from left to right:

Small Bow 5 : SOLD - TL
Small Bow 6 : SOLD - SL
Small Bow 7 : SOLD - Miss Ayon
Small Bow 8 - SOLD : Nadya
Small Bow 9 : SOLD - Sherelyn

Small Bow 8 still available
others not restockable



Small Bow 1-9 : rm8 each

Studed Bracelet

all gone

i admit i have a studded craze! do you?

comes in the famous red and black!

buttoned to fit your wrist

comes in black and red
length including buttoned area: 9"
length NOT including buttoned area: 5.8"
width: 1.5 cm
*both sold to lik chuen*

rm18 only

Suspender Belts

from top to bottom

Suspender Belt 1
Suspender Belt 2 - SOLD : Jia Wei
Suspender Belt 3 - Withdrawn by Store Owner
Suspender Belt 4
Suspender Belt 5 - Withdrawn by Store Owner

rm35 each


can't decide?


from top to bottom

Suspender Belt 6
Suspender Belt 7
Suspender Belt 8
Suspender Belt 9
Suspender Belt 10

rm35 each


can't decide?




it functions like the suspender straps (adjustable to any size!)

just tuck the buckle up to make it loose.

then, adjust it to your desired size :D

made of good material ;)

buckle is metal and functions thru a magnetic device! ;) i don't think you can find this is Malaysia. just snap to place and you're good to go!

20 January 2009

Goods from Overseas

Hi Dearies!!!

I've missed you all! Sorry to those who texted me and no reply came. I was on International Roaming and it was really really expensive to reply you. My deepest apologies. Anyways, I brought back tonnes of goodies! (thank goodness my luggage was not overweight! cause I really really thought it was pretty darn heavy!) All pieces are ONE and ONLY, so grab em' fast. And also, they are not restockable at all.

my photographer is back in his hometown, thus all pictures are on a mannequin except for some. Some are random pictures of me wearing the clothes during my trip :D
hope you guys don't mind my lousy photo taking skills /:

Tomorrow I will be updating on super unique cinchers, accesories and BOWS!
yes! BOWS! ;) Be excited and keep Miss OCD bookmarked now okay?

Text 016-2577131 for fast orders OR email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com to book the items. Do remember to CONFIRM the items and please remember to state your NAME and ITEM NAME in your text messages and emails okay?

Much Love,
Miss OCD

Polkee Dockee

so sweet with them polka dots ;)

its sheer chiffon. just wear an inner layer and you're good to go :)

love love love ;)

the back

close up

without tucking in, this is how it'll look like ;) perfect to wear with skinnies too! so versatile, no?

comes in milky sweet pink too!

this one is so sweet and innocent O:)

the bow!

the back

i love this piece so so much :D wear them with ur high waisted shorts, long pants, those puffy poofy mini high waisted skirts too!! and hey, untuck this beauty and wear em with skinnies for a more laidback look! gotta love this one i tell you :)

fits uk4-8
made of sheer chiffon
(very good quality!)

comes in:
blue polka dots -
SOLD : Hooi Wan
pink polka dots - SOLD : Jezmine

rm40 only