20 January 2009

Goods from Overseas

Hi Dearies!!!

I've missed you all! Sorry to those who texted me and no reply came. I was on International Roaming and it was really really expensive to reply you. My deepest apologies. Anyways, I brought back tonnes of goodies! (thank goodness my luggage was not overweight! cause I really really thought it was pretty darn heavy!) All pieces are ONE and ONLY, so grab em' fast. And also, they are not restockable at all.

my photographer is back in his hometown, thus all pictures are on a mannequin except for some. Some are random pictures of me wearing the clothes during my trip :D
hope you guys don't mind my lousy photo taking skills /:

Tomorrow I will be updating on super unique cinchers, accesories and BOWS!
yes! BOWS! ;) Be excited and keep Miss OCD bookmarked now okay?

Text 016-2577131 for fast orders OR email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com to book the items. Do remember to CONFIRM the items and please remember to state your NAME and ITEM NAME in your text messages and emails okay?

Much Love,
Miss OCD

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