01 August 2008

About us

Hello all!

It's been a great blessing & journey for this past 2 years and I would like to start off my thanking everyone who has supported me. From my family to my friends and to my beloved customers. This little blog was birthed in September 2008 and the main goal and purpose for this little blog was to put food on the table, pay for rent & gas- basically to scrub my way through my university life. After graduating in mid 2009, I decided to venture out and turn this little hobby into a serious business :) Items brought in have been hand picked and brought in from overseas and also locally. Feel free to browse and purchase! And thank you for dropping by :)

Miss OCD is owned by OCD TRADING (SA0128877-W).
Duration of business - September 2008 till today

Miss OCD in Shopping


Pay attention

Terms & Conditions

Reservation Policy
No reservation allowed. 1st pay, 1st get basis.

1) All items sold are band new.
2) No back outs once order is confirmed. Serious buyers only. Back out buyers will be blacklisted and will not be entertained.
3) Prices are strictly not negotiable.
4) Items are sold via 1st pay basis. This is to avoid any back outs, we hope you understand. We recommend serious buyers to get an online banking account as it is a lot faster than visiting a physical bank to transfer the money.
5) No more picture requests.
6) No clips/pins are used during fitting. What you see is what you get.
7) CODs are only available in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam (at the PETRONAS near the big roundabout)
8) Pictures/images posted on this blog are prohibited even if pictures are credited to Miss OCD.
9) However, if you are re-selling the item(s) on your own, feel free to copy the picture(s) on Miss OCD.
10) Buy at your own risk. Before purchasing, please refer to the measurements provided on the blog. No refunds/exchanges are allowed unless item is defected. In this case, please snap a picture of the defect and email it to us. Defected items must be reported within 24 hours.
11) We are not responsible if your shipment goes missing/gets damaged during shipment. This is because we have already packed the item(s) and made sure its condition is fit enough to be sent out. We hope you understand.
***In the case where your parcel goes missing, we will provide you with a tracking number so you are able to track your item. (we included bubble wrap/cardboard armor at our expense for delicate items)***
12) Thank you so much for your kind support and love :)

How to order?

Through email
Step 1: Email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com
Step 2:

attach an order form

Contact Number:
Colors (If applicable)
Size (If applicable)

Feel free to add more items by using " , "

We recommend you to set the topic of your email with the items you are buying. Example: If you item is called "maxi dress", set your topic as "maxi dress''

Step 3: A reply via email from Miss OCD will state whether or not the item is available. If it is available, Miss OCD will be provide you with the total payable along with banking details.
Step 4: You bank in the money via online/manual transaction
Step 5: You take a screen shot (for online transaction) or you snap a picture of the receipt (for manual transaction) and email the proof of payment back to me (for reference sake). You should also send your mailing address and telephone number.
Step 6: Miss OCD will confirm your payment and will be sending your parcels! Postage days are: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only. *if a deposit has already been paid and a back out happens, no refunds will be given*
Step 7: You may check the tracking number on the blog. If your parcel seems to take more than 2 days to arrive, click here to track it.
Step 8: Your item has arrived!

Methods of delivery
1) Meet ups

-Only available in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam
-Payment should be made before meet ups to avoid sudden back out (preferably)
-Please do not be late
2) Pos laju (Signature required upon receival)
-West Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia): RM6 only (Takes 1 day to arrive)
-East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak): RM8 only (Takes 2 days to arrive)
3) Pos Express (For items below 500grams only & no signature required upon receival)
-West Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia): RM5 only (Takes 1 day to arrive)
-East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak): RM5 only (Takes 2 days to arrive)
4) Registered post has been abolished due to time issues
5) International Registered Post
-email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com for postage price. Price will depend on the weight.

Issues on Restocking sold out items

Below are the issues Miss OCD would like to highlight. Please be considerate and reasonable when these issues rise up.

-Miss OCD do restocks when requests are made. Making customers happy is one of Miss OCD goals but restocks are normally very messy.. WHY?
-Reason 1: Restock orders are only placed once payment is received by Miss OCD and IF the payment is late, the item may not be available anymore. This is because, certain stocks run out very fast at supplier as well. Thus, it is advisable to bank in the money asap. (Refer to Reason 3)
-Reason 2: Restock orders are only placed after payment is made to avoid backout buyers.
-Reason 3: Let's picture a scenario where Person A wants to restock a dress. Stocks will be arriving in 3 more days but Person A has not pay up since stocks are still available at supplier. On the 2nd day at midnight, Person A finally decides to bank in the money. The buyer receives the money and restocks the item. BUT the dress is no longer available because the buyer had no time to call up the supplier to book the dress. Please take note that the supplier is not open 24/7. Buyer then contacts Person A to break the bad news about the dress. Person A is upset and blames the buyer. In cases like this, a full refund is given back to a very upset Person A.
-Reason 4: Supplier are humans as well. They make mistakes. Sometimes when a reservation is made by Miss OCD, the supplier may wrongly keep the items aside for collection. This results in some buyers not getting the items they want although confirmation and payment has already been made.
-Reason 5: Priority of restock items will be given to the customer who pays up 1st. For example, The supplier only has 10 bags. The 1st 10 customers who bank in the money will get the bag NOT the first 10 who asked to restock the bags.
-Please understand and be clear about these problems if you are serious about restocking an item.

Thus, it is always advisable to pay up asap. By letting Miss OCD know you would like to restock will not secure yourself the item.

Missing/Late parcels

-If items do not get to you on the next following day, please be patient. We would like to make it clear that we are not responsible for late deliveries. Your item will arrive depending on Pos Malaysia's efficiency.
-You can track your parcel HERE
-If the item is still not at your doorstep, please pay a visit to the nearest pos office at your housing area. Do bring along your IC as pos malaysia will need it during retrieval of the parcel. You can also call 1300 300 300 for the Pos Malaysia's customer service.

-Postage days are strictly on Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays only.
-Please do not bank in on Monday at 6pm and demand that your items must reach you on Tuesday.
-Bear in mind that the last collection of parcels are at 3.30pm and any parcels sent after 3.30pm will be delayed 2 days. (Example: Parcel is sent to the post office at 4pm on Monday, it will be treated as a Tuesday posting and will only reach you on Wednesday)
-Postings are done before 12pm to avoid packages being delayed (both poslaju and pos express)
-Please be patient while waiting for your items to arrive :)

Postage cost

-Postage cost is not included in the price offered at the end of the post unless stated otherwise.

"Customers are always right." - Yes, this statement is a very popular one but please be reasonable and considerate. Unreasonable and overly demanding buyers will be backlisted.

FAQ for Overseas buyer
How do I order?

Step 1: Email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com. Remember to state which country you are from.

Step 2:

attach an order form

Contact Number:
Colors (If applicable)
Size (If applicable)

Feel free to add more items by using " , "

We recommend you to set the topic of your email with the items you are buying. Example: If you item is called "maxi dress", set your topic as "maxi dress''

Step 3: After confirmation, a reply via email from Miss OCD will state whether or not the item is available. If it is available, Miss OCD will be provide you with the total payable along with PayPal email details.

Step 4: Please include your mailing details once payment is in.

Step 5: Miss OCD will confirm your payment and will be sending your parcels! Postage days for international parcels are Friday only.

Step 6: You may check the tracking number on the blog.

Step 7: Wait for the arrival of your parcel.

How do I look for available items only?
Click HERE
to view available items.

How do I make payments?
For now, OCD TRADING only accepts PayPal payments for Overseas buyers.

How much do I have to pay for delivery?

To Australia (10 working days)
1 piece : RM11-RM15 (Depending on weight of material)
2-3 pieces: approximately RM20
*email if you want to order more than 3 pieces*

To Singapore (7 days)
1 piece : RM10
2-3 pieces : approximately RM15

For other countries, please email to inquire.

Do you have a return/exchange policy?
No. What you see on the blog is exactly what you will get. Measurements and material of items are provided for this purpose.

Is it safe to provide you with my personal details (name, mailing address, email)?
All information is private and confidential and OCD TRADING will not distribute or sell your personal information.

For more info, feel free to email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com

preorder from China

Here are some of the items that we managed to ship in from China. We are happy the quality is mighty fine! We will definitely be bringing in MORE!

We know that many people are sceptical about China products. Thus, we will only be taking orders for items that we have personally SEEN and TOUCH.

Take note : Closing date - 28 September (Tuesday) at 5pm
Purchase RM100 and above (for garments only)will enjoy free poslaju to anywhere in Malaysia :)

Terms and Condition
1) Full payment is needed upon placing order
2) In any case, if the item(s) you ordered is out of stock, we will fully refund you
3) Price quoted is not including postage
4) Item will arrive after 2 weeks from closing date
5) Goods are not returnable unless defected

Please include an order form:

Contact no:
Item name 1:
Item name 2:
Postage Method: (Poslaju/Pos Express/International)

***Pos Express is RM5 for east and west Malaysia and Poslaju is RM6 (west Malaysia) and RM8 for East Malaysia)***

item 1 : seamless panel skirt

comes in yellow, pink and black

seamless panel skirt - yellow

seamless panel skirt - pink

seamless panel skirt - black

fits up to uk10
made of thick & smooth cotton
hidden back zipper closure

measurement laid flat
waist: 13"-16"
hip: 15.5"-20"
butt: 16.2"-22"
length: 15.6"

rm40 only

item 2 : the it bag

the IT bag (made of canvas)

made of canves
interior is made of cloth

overall: 13" X 16.5"
strap: 22"
side: 7"

rm49 only

item 3 : sunnies

comes in:
barbie pink
dark blue
black + pink combo
off white

wearing barbie pink color

barbie pink sunnies


dark blue

black and pink combo


off white

made of plastic

rm24 only

item 4 : wooden clogs

X strapped clogs - black

covered clogs - black

X strapped clogs - brown

covered clogs - brown

made of wood and suede
gripped bottom

available in 2 designs: X strap and covered peep toe
available in 2 colors: black and brown

comes in size
34 - 22cm
35 - 22.5cm
36 - 23cm
37 - 23.5cm
38 - 24cm
39 - 24.5cm

rm95 only

item 5 : classic oxford

take note: with 3 dots (supplier said they are NOT pig skin. buy at own risk.)

made of artificial leather and PU

comes in size
34 - 22cm
35 - 22.5cm
36 - 23cm
37 - 23.5cm
38 - 24cm
39 - 24.5cm

***advisable to take 1 size up. so if you are a usual size 35, you should take size 36***

rm58 only

item 5: plain brogues

made of PU and PVC

comes in size
34 - 22cm
35 - 22.5cm
36 - 23cm
37 - 23.5cm
38 - 24cm
39 - 24.5cm

***advisable to take 1 size up. so if you are a usual size 35, you should take size 36***

rm58 only

mail us for any questions.



YES! You heard us right! We are preparing for loads of stocks to come in soon, so we will need to CLEAR as much as we can now! :D All items are sold below COST price so you'll be sure to get a MAJOR BARGAIN ;) We don't mind losing out as we are spreading the Shopping LOVE all around :D

Buy any TWO items and get a free mysterious item from us!
(the free item will NOT be revealed ;))

Take note:
1) Sales item is not restockable
2) To be fair, we operate via 1st come 1st pay basis. Because items are very limited, we suggest for you to proceed with immediate payment
3) If you want to COD (available in bukit jelutong only) the price is still the same (we will not cut the rm5/rm6 for poslaju) We hope you understand as we are quite busy running around..
4) Buy 2 items and above and enjoy a free upgrade to poslaju and on top of that, you will get 1 free gift :)
5) Sales price is strictly not negotiable



In order for the SALES to operate smoothly, please read the following instructions:

Step 1: Click on the links below to view sales item

1) floral lace leggings (rm30 with pos express)
2) tutu princess (rm30 with pos express)
3) tattootank (rm30 with pos express)
4) bold beauty (rm30 with pos express)
5) gaga headband (rm15 with pos express)
6) toga player (rm30 with pos express)
7) mili easy (rm30 with pos express)
8) poshy (rm30 with pos express)


Step 2: Found something you like? Email us!

Order form
Contact number:
Item Name:
Color (If applicable)
Size (If Applicable)

email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com

Set topic of email to your item(s) name :)


Step 3: Wait for our reply!
***If item is available, you may proceed with payment. But please hurry as we operate via 1st come 1st pay***

We hope you enjoy the sales!

Love always,
Miss OCD

style shots

bag : miss ocd, dress : cat in a bowl


alice in wonderland skirt : miss ocd

Fyz, Subang Jaya
floral white dress : miss ocd

Jezmine, Shah Alam
bombastic heels : miss ocd luxury shoes

Rachel Goh, Subang Jaya
body con dress: miss ocd, cropped tee: fila (diy), necklace: uberlove, heels: zara


Lucille Fung, Sabah
Purple Toga Dress (Miss OCD), Zipper Clincher (Handmade by me!) and Bondage heels by Zara


Andrea J, Kuala Lumpur
shoulder pad top bought from Miss OCD, flare skirt from Topshop, belt from Per Una UK and shoes bought from thekookything


Jezmine, Shah Alam
white ruffled top (which I love, love...) MISSOCD, lace top inside from Uk, vintage green skinny jacket taken from OLD BLOSSOM, OLD BLOSSOM studded belt, THRIFTED scarf, BIJOU BAZAAR leggings, MODERN-FLASHBACK bag, GUESS wedges.


Neo Ann Na, Melaka
Dress from online shop, cut out booties, Miss OCD


Jezmine, Shah Alam
THRIFTED polka dot scarf, FOREVER21 leopard cardigan (finally.....), MNG jeans, Flintstones tee MISSOCD, MODERNFLASHBACK vintage bag & GUESS wedges.

Snap your outfit pictures already! send us an outfit of you wearing anything from miss ocd :)

email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com