07 December 2009

little queen

all gone


top notch quality


overall look
(the 2nd band is blocked due to the angle. refer to picture below for a clearer view of the double bands)
the double bands ensure a more secure fitting on your head..

made of thick felt cloth
the felt cloth is not fury like the usual ones.. so you don't have to worry about scratching your head in public to look like you've got flea's in your hair ;)



double banded
(super elastic with thick bands. not your usual single flat rubber bands that they use..)
made of thick felt cloth
5 strands of bling bling diamonds :)
perfect for dinners, parties and edgy outfits

how thick? (5 rows of diamonte): 2cm
length of bling on felt cloth (not including bands): 12"
total length (including elastic bands): 21.5"

if tiara's aren't your thing, maybe this is :) time to bring out that inner queen and subtly make a statement by flaunting this bling piece

rm39 only
with bubble wrap and cardboard armour

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