18 December 2009


all gone
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Cardigans are known to be prim and proper and serves as a decent cover up. Here at Miss OCD, the cardigans are so wrong but so right! Purposely crumpled with a worn out neck line, Miss OCD is bringing cardigans to a whole new different level. View them at the BLOG for more pictures.

Take note: The darker colors are less sheer than the lighter colors


mustard yellow







light pink

navy blue

dark green

upclose on crumpleness :)
say no to ironing! perfect if you're on the go and no time to fold! and also, great for traveling

more pictures:

upclose on soft cotton

crumpled sleeves too

fits up to a uk10
comes in 11 amazing colors!
  1. white - all gone
  2. mustard yellow - all gone
  3. grey - all gone
  4. purple - all gone
  5. coral - all gone
  6. orange - all gone
  7. red - all gone
  8. black - all gone
  9. light pink - all gone
  10. navy blue - all gone
  11. dark green - all gone
rm33 for 1
rm62 for 2

rm87 for 3

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