16 December 2008

TEASER: The Fleur De Lis


do let me know if u want a restock.
(the only one not restockable in the glitter dress, tube)

You can pick it up at The bazaar!
closing date: 19 dec (fri 12pm)

Fringe bag : SOLD OUT in black (last piece in tan and dark brown)
Fringe Vest : ALL SOLD OUT
Clutch with bling: SOLD OUT
Big Bag(2 in 1 Bag): SOLD OUT in black and dark brown. last piece in greyish color
Toga ruffled top: SOLD OUT in white
High waisted skirt (formal): SOLD OUT in Size S
Formal long sleeve baju: SOLD OUT in purple

thank you for the responds!



for tops

Cute checks: rm29 only
(available in yellow, orange and dark dark pink, made of cotton. fits uk4-10)
Toga ruffled: rm30 only
(available in white, blue, black and pink. strictly uk4-big uk6 only)
Fringe Vest : rm49 only
(available in grey, black and brown. free size)
Flowery Dress: rm44 only
(length can be adjusted. free size. comes in red, yellow and green. with lining. made of light cotton)
Formal long sleeve with ribbons at sleeves and sides: rm45 only
(comes in purple, grey, black and cream. made of semi hard quality cotton. tagged size S. fits uk4-uk8 only. best fit uk6-8. also available in M and L size but only for restocks upon payment and requests!)


formal high waist skirt: rm47 only
(Size S (uk4-6) and M (uk8-10), also available in L size but only for restocks upon payment and requests! made of thick cotton. zipped at the back)


for bags

owl bag: rm80 only
2 in 1 bag bag bag: rm78 only
(comes with extra straps. made of high quality PU. comes in black, brown with slight green to it and creamy greyish)
clutch with bling: rm38 only
(comes with metal long straps. use as clutch or sling. made of not very shiny PVC)
fringe bag: rm80 only
(available in black, dark brown and tan. comes with 2 straps. one for handbag use, one for sling use. made of high quality PU)
tartan printed bag: rm50 only
(made of tweed-liked material, comes in red, white and grey. can be use as clutch as chained straps are detachable)


white oxfords: rm66 only
(there are other shoes to be launched especially at the bazaar only! :D)

Please bear with me if i'm slow in replying your SMS's. My phone inbox is overflooded and sometimes it jams up due to too many SMS's! Thank you for all the nice comments too! oh and 1 more thing.. Please please please please state your NAME in the FIRST SMS eventho if you have dealt with me before. Thanks dears!


SO.. you may be asking.. Is there going to be an update this week? I'm not sure too.. But here's a little sneak preview.. If you are interested in purchasing them, do let me know! (Because actually.. the price has not been set yet! But because I will be opening a stall in The Fleur De Lis, thus I've no motivation to actually set the prices yet..) But do enquire asap as there are friends and friends of friends coming to my place for offline sprees regularly.. and some of the items are actually gone.. feast your eyes and see you at:

The Fleur De Lis!

Much Love,
Miss OCD

(please take note that not all new items are posted)

lovin' it already?

email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com

text: 016-2577131

because I know not ALL of you can make it, thus if payment is made before the event, the item is yours! yay! (: and hey! COD's available at The Fleur De Lis (but on ONE condition: payment must be made before event date, else the items will be opened to the shopaholics at the event!)



Anonymous said...

hi miss ocd...i love ur first item...how much it cost??? reply a.s.p...plzzzz....

Miss OCD is Sale-ing! said...

hey dear.. u mean the owl bag? its rm80 :)

Anonymous said...

hi miss ocd....erm in your second last picturem the model has a black belt on...is that for sale by any chance??

miss ocd said...

hey anonymous. it's not for sale as it belongs to the model. so sorry :(