26 December 2008

remaining items (:


ok girls, all the above items are the remainings from the bazaar.. and they are all LAST PIECES! So scroll and gram em quick!

shoes will be updated soon!


Chanel inspired bag

last piece in very very dark green

yay! Miss OCD's very first designer inspired handbag! :)

closeup detail of chanel metal plate below handle

the sides

the chanel hook

;) hook it, unhook it :)

comes in another color too! a little greenish. not sure what color you call it.
seal it with the zip. can u spot the 4 metal plates located on the inner side of bag??? ;) all marked with the word "chanel" ;)

inside the bag

it's quilted and of very very good quality PU.
closeup of the good workmanship :)
the color of the green looks a little weird here.. (look at pic below for true color)

available in black - SOLD and very very dark green

both are last pieces from bazaar!

measurements: 15.5" X 9.5"

rm85 only


all gone

another big big bag! ;)

the sides. the buckle details are to love!

the interior ;) with the standard 2 side pockets and one zipped pocket.

seal it with a zip! no worries for spilling objects out from the bag! ;)

with a back zip too!

only in champagne gold. initially had this bag in chocolate brown but it's all gone!
made of very very good quality PU, very good workmanship too!

measurements: 21" X 15.5"

rm78 only

owl bag

all gone

in silverish greyish

only available in grey


the one with lines

all gone

it's big. big enough to fit your books for classes! you know, those big thick massive text books, your bottle of water (yes, u won't want to get dehydrated!) and your hp(s), pencil case etc. and you may wanna fit a baby in there too. lol. kidding ((:

upclose o the round little studs. catch a glimpse of the good PU material ;)

black & purple

zip it up!

the interior

with back zips!

available in purple and black only
measurements: 14.5" X 16"

rm66 only

oh fringe!

all gone

dark brown



it's zipped!


back zips

lovin' it yet?

black - all sold out

only available in tan and dark brown

comes with longer straps too, so you can sling it.
made of quality PU, soft leather liked :)
measurements: 14" X 11"
rm80 only

i'm a tartan princess

all gone

grey: love the chained straps!

red: clutch it!


detachable at both sides, can be trasformed to a clutch :)

seal the bag with the zip
inside equipped with 2 little pockets and a zipped pocket area.

available in red, grey and white
made of quality wool-liked material

measurements: 11" X 7.5"

rm50 only

checks cutie

all gone

pinkish red

the sexeh button-ed back. who would know this top could look so cute from the front and sexy at the back?
(the buttons do actually work ;) so just button button up!)

in orange: it's so naughty and nice ;)

in sunshine yellow: take a stroll in a mall with this unique baby!
area below bust is smoked ;)

comes in pinkish red, orange and sunshine yellow

a totally unique top! casual and subtly sexyyy.

fits uk4-uk8

rm29 only

just flowers

all gone

spotted on runway:

green: can be made into a little maxi dress, or tie the ends and..

u get it puffed up and adorable! ;)
length is adjustable depending on how tight you tie the ends of this dress.

in yellow too!

how this dress works?
underneath the dress there are pairs of strings to tie.. the pair of strings are located in a way one is above the other.. so when you tie em together all around the dress, you gett the bubbled up effect! and the cotton sash can be made into a halter, toga or a tube effect! be creative on this one! :)) comes with an inner lining so it's not sheer at all!

made of cotton, very comfy. the back is smoked for a more fitting effect too!

so wear it as a maxi dress or a little puffed up cutesy dress!
definately worth the buy i say :)

fits uk4-uk12

rm44 only

ribboned formal

all gone


it's formal with a twist :)

cream: do u see the little ribbons on the sleeve? damn love!

only availble in cream and black

made of thick quality cotton. not sheer at all :)

tagged size S

fits uk4-uk8

rm45 only

formal high waisted skirt

still available

an office lady must have's!

with a sexy back slit too!

only available in size M

fits uk8-uk10

rm47 only

update of the leftover shoes will be updated soon! :)
in the meantime..

text: 0162577131
whops! i ran out of credit for the moment! do email me darls!
on sunday morning: back with credit! keep those sms's rolling in :)

too grab these items now! :)

Miss OCD

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