04 December 2008

gorgeous dresses!

ola ladies!

this is a dress post (:

always wanted a dress for an occasion but can't seem to find any classy and affordable ones?

you feeling me here?

this post is for you.

yes, you.

dresses posted below are of very high quality, and miss ocd is here to give you the best price as always!

do keep in mind that dresses are in limited quantity and am not sure if they are restockable, so grab em' fast! and i mean really fast!

shall not blab too much here, enjoy the post!


1 last piece in blue
not restockable

a mini dual tone dress!

very sexy one ladies! notice the pleats at the bust area? (: and the cutting enhances your ahems!

the back. straps are adjustable.
a very sexy figure hugging effect! *slurps!*

in dark purple too! definitely not your typical black and white dress. dare to wear and look different from the rest? this is you're baby then!

the jewel detail acting as a cincher too! no worries, jewel is not those plastic cheapo kinds. it actually is heavy! very gorgeous i must say! it enhances those curves and adds shape to that figure!

in electric blue too! yay :)

side view of the gorgeous dress

very good lyra-ish material. material is the kind that sticks to your body to give a full effect on those curves!

fits uk4 -uk8 only

measurements (laid flat):
length of dress, not including straps: 24.5"
area below bust (where jewel is placed): 13.5"

comes in black, purple and electric blue

rm48 only

little minx

all gone
not restockable
ah! i fell in love with this piece when I 1st laid my eyes on it! it's so simple, cute and feminine! and what more, its in pastel pink stripes! omg!

with side zips!

heart the foldings at bust and the ones above the waist totally adds a cincher effect! :)

upclose of the lovely pink stripes

don't like pink? fret not, there's blue as well! :) you can totally wear this to office too!

upclose on the little blue stripes!

made of nice comfy cotton, not sheer.
(but of course.. please wear nude color undergarments)

only comes in pink and blue

Size S - fits uk 4- small uk8 (best fit uk6- small uk8)

Size M - fits bigger uk8-uk10

feel free to measure yourself with the measurements provided below.

measurements for Size S (laid flat):
length from shoulder till end of dress: 32"
armpit area from end to end: 16.5"
area below bust: 14"

measurements for Size M (laid flat):
length from shoulder till end of dress: 32.5"
armpit area from end to end: 17.5"
area below bust: 14.5"

rm48 only


all gone
not restockable

*sreams* a satin maxi dress!u likey like?

flowers are gorgeous and the design is just to die for!

smoked, rubber-ed back :) straps are adjustable!

upclose. love the different splash of colors! (: cutting is not too low either. no peek a boo's here and there! see the little cutesy buttons on top? buttons actually work!

comes in dark brown too! this color screams high class! specially for those who are afraid of white being too dirty and black being too common, this is just perfect. do you dare to wear?

upclose on the classy prints.

ah! and classic black! black always gives a certain sophistication, no? and what more, the color combination is just so gorgeous!

made of very good material.
(very flowy, soft and it's satin!)

comes in:
white, dark brown and black

fits uk6-uk12

measurements (laid flat):
length from bust till end of dress (not including straps): 49"
area below bust is stretchable (measurements taken when its not stretched yet): 15.8"

rm58 only


all gone
not restockable

tutu dresses/skirts/etc are in now darlings! :) i've been searching high and low and saw many kinda of tutu variations and this was the BEST one among the bunch!

smoked back! and straps adjustable too :)

wala! we know that tutu dresses are in but they are rather pricey, no? this one isn't!

ooo! beautiful tutu layers!
(picture is a little dark because after noticing the 1st picture being too bright and not reflecting the real color, the lighting on camera was adjusted. thus, this is the color closest to the real thing!)

upclose, the tutu looks gorgeous! and comparing this color to the 1st picture in maroon, this is a picture of its real color. very classy, maroon, a deep set of dark red screams sexy! notice the heart shaped cutting at the bust? very nice!

and of course, in classic black too! i love the tutu effect on the top of dress! very ruffled and snazzy! very playful in my opinion (:

ah, tutu's tutu's! :) i've caught a tutu fever! have you?

in angelic white too! sweet!

love love love!

made out of satin and tutu! very good material
(advise: when ironing this piece, please reverse the dress inside out as the material for tutu is fragile and might be ruined by hot iron)

comes in electric blue, maroon, black and white

fits uk4-uk10

measurements for (laid flat):
length from armpit till end of dress: 25"
bust area (smoked back): 12"
area below bust (the band): 11.5"

rm52 only



text: 016-2577131
email : miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com

place those orders now!

psssst. the cinchers used in all the pictures above are totally for sale! wait for the next post!

Miss OCD

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