24 January 2010

rushing off..

hey girls!

we are pretty much in a major rush because we will be opening a small little booth this coming monday-wednesday and we were contemplating whether or not to update this week. so here goes! (note that we did not have time to iron the clothes and the model is ieallllllly busy so the mannequin is going to do the work ;)) we know that not everyone would be able to come visit us at our booth so here's a really brief update! if you can't make it to where we are, do email us if you are interested in the items below ;) this is what you would be seeing if you were visiting us!

where will we be?

date: 25-27 jan
mmu cyberjaya@misri plaza
morning - evening
(time to be confirmed..)

***we will be the only booth selling clothes/shoes/accessories so you will be able to find us!

Misri Plaza is located near the Grand Hall, Faculty of IT, Multipurpose Hall and Library :)***

we are one of the sponsors for AGAPE FAIR by mmucs :) so if you study in mmu (or any uni in cyberjaya) or if you are working in cyberjaya, do drop by! you can touch the clothes by yourselves! not to mention, luxury shoes will be making it to the fair as well! so if you have been doubting whether or not to get the shoes.. you can come and feel/try it for yourself ;)

What to expect during the fair?
New arrivals, major sales and loads of bargains!

Do drop by! :)

Love always,
Miss OCD

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