11 January 2010

bat wrap

all gone
not restockable

A major bat top!


black (unbuttoned)

grey-ish blue


fab sleeves

noticed the flowy material (cotton) and the pleats? LOVE!


comes in black, brown and greyish blue
super oversized + bat
one in a million ;)
made of soft, easy ironed cotton
1 size fits all

There's just something about this top that spells out elegance and chic. It's flowy material and its bat sleeves paint a picture of softness but edgy and bold at the same time. this look is very easy to pull off! just pair this with your leggings (glossy, plain, printed), skinnies, bandage skirts and shorts and you're good to go! feel free to go crazy on the accessories as this top is plain and needs some ummph to blow heads away! (in a good way of course.. ;)) a personal favourite and you can see me wearing it HERE.

rm59 only

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