11 January 2010

fashion trash bag

all gone
restocks closed


with pockets



short / long

this is the trash bag effect ;P

wear is slouchy or whatever! ;) its such a big, fun top that u can wear this as an oversized dress if you're petite ;)

comes in black
1 size fits all
made of thick cotton
with 2 pockets (1 on each side)
less is more! this top is a fab catch!

if you saw this lying on the floor, you'd prolly think the piece of big cloth is a rug, welcome mat, etc etc. But hey, do NOT judge a book by its cover because this top is phenomenal!!! one of my personal favourites, this top is so effortlessly chic! perfect for a lazy sunday afternoon, movies, running errands, going to class, shopping or just hanging out with buddines! anything!

rm59 only

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