27 August 2009

Raya shoe shopping!

*A discount? WHAT!?*
*read on before proceeding with the update, ladies!*
Ola ladies!

Miss OCD have stocked up fully on shoes this week (Because Miss OCD only had fate with shoes this week.. Buy hey, not complaining! :)) Take this opportunity to splurge girls! Because Miss OCD does not normally do a shoe post and it is very hard to come by such gorgeous shoes (ahemm...) Miss OCD would like to give discounts on shoe shipping IF more than 1 pair of shoe is purchased!

1 Shoe - normal rate of shipping (RM8 for west malaysia and RM10 for east malaysia)
Every shoe purchase after that - RM5/RM7 for postage (for each shoe, depending where you come from)

So for example, you bought all 4 shoes, you only need to pay:
RM8+RM5+RM5+RM5 (if you are in west malaysia) = RM23 (save RM9!) RM10+RM7+RM7+RM7 (if you are in west malaysia) = RM31 (save RM9!)
*this offer applies for shipping within Malaysia only*

In conjunction with Raya, Miss OCD wants to give the best rates with the best quality shoes around.. After all, you can wear the shoes after Raya too ;)


And the usual applies to shoes:
  • 1st come 1st pay basis. No reservations are allowed and shoes are sold to the buyer who can pay up first. Hope you girls understand.
  • email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com to place your orders
  • Take note: ALL shoes come in boxes and Miss OCD has confirmed with shoe supplier that no PIG SKIN LINING was used at all :)

Happy shopping and happy fasting lovelies!

Miss OCD

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