07 August 2009

very important!

hey babes..

Pease read on before looking at the posts below... I know recently I've been reply mails very late and my sms's are very sloppy.. This is due to the fact that I've been running all over the place and have been away from my computer for a whole day (only back at night to sleep!) I am very sorry if I have mixed you up with some other customers.. I will be graduating tomorrow which is why I've been so busy running around and trying my best to accomodate for you girls but I'm only human and I am very sorry if I have not replied your sms/emails.. I deeply appologize and thanking everyone for bearing with my slowness.. Grandmama bags are not restockable girls.. So sorry.. Other than that, all the other bags are still restockable :) If you are interested, please email me and make the payment asap to secure yourself the items. Stocks are arriving next wed (12 August) You should receive the items on friday (august 14) Thank you all :)

PS: enjoy the post! Please take note that now ONLY EMAILS will be used.. TEXT MESSAGING would be discontinued until further notice...

to order, email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com

Love, Miss OCD

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