01 September 2009

August winner for Fashionista In You!

Rachel Goh
from Subang Jaya

Disclaimer: I am not a fashion guru!

Wearing: Bodycon Toga from Miss OCD with ZARA heels :)

Look 1: Cropped button sleeveless shirt + studded belt over the dress + oxford boots.

Look 2: Black Blazer + lace leggings + oxfords

Look 3: I am wearing a basic black blazer over my LBD + wedges with a bit of animal print (one of my fave pair of shoes, extra points cause it's really comfy & tall!!!!!). So it doesn't get to boring ;p can't really see my blazer......cause my camera kinda sucks T__T wuwu.

Winning picture :)

Look 4: Cropped white tee + layered chain necklace + pumps. Cropped white tee is DIY. You can do it too, just grab any t-shirt and trim it any way you like :)


body con dress: miss ocd, cropped tee: fila (diy), necklace: uberlove, heels: zara


girls night out.



Want to win free postage for a whole entire month? Start sending your outfit pictures (you can send more if you want to..:)) The key to winning is be creative and be yourself :)

Love always,
Miss OCD


Anonymous said...

if u r bringing in similar bodycon dress do notify me.

miss ocd said...

noted :)