05 April 2009

Red Black Love

*Not restockable anymore*

It's been a while since Miss OCD brought in any shoes.. This one here reminds me of Gossip Girl Season 1 Ep 7 when Blair goes up and dances in front of Chuck.. You know.. The night where they 1st kissed? (Yes! We all know that scene, don't we?) Sorry, I'm a Chuck-Blair fan! :) If my memory did not fail me, Blair was wearing a very similar shoe in that episode! I put up 9 pictures for this one here cause I could not decide which was best!

Without further delaying, here goes:

35 (4) : 23.8cm - SOLD to Le Ann Teoh
36(5) : 24.3cm - SOLD to Amy Chen
37 (6) : 25.4cm - SOLD to Chiew Fui
38 (7) : 26cm - SOLD to Qilah
39 (8) : 26.5cm - SOLD to Keyna
40 (9) : 26.8cm - SOLD to Keshreen

As you can see there are more than 1 name at each size. The person who pay up 1st among all gets the shoe. I'm not sure if there will be a batch 2 restock but it depends on the responds for Batch 1 :) Feel free to email me if you want to put your name up on the list! :)

EDIT: Heels are 4" and platform in front is: 0.8"

side view

upfront view

back view

buckle view :)

lovely red interior!

for easy put-on's!

left: slight cushioned back
right: inner layer of PU leather on strap for a long comfortable walk

left: back view and woweee!! the red heels do stand out, don't they?!
right: front and side view

very very comfy!
The black cloth is actually very very smooth velvet material
model is wearing size 35(4) and usually wears Vincci 4/Nose 5 :)

sizes and insole measurements:
35 (4) : 23.8cm - all SOLD
36(5) : 24.3cm - all SOLD
37 (6) : 25.4cm - all SOLD
38 (7) : 26cm - all SOLD
39 (8) : 26.5cm - all SOLD
40 (9) : 26.8cm - all SOLD

rm70 only AND with poslaju!

and these shoes are 90% not restockable
(we're not sure but it's just very very very unlikely. So grab this shoes nowww!)

Need an EXTRA boost on WHY you should purchase this lovelies? Scroll down and view the update and you'll see why! :)

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