27 October 2008

more to legs!

there is always more to legs than legs itself, I believe. What do you think? to flaunt or not to flaunt those legs? (;

here goes!

it's christmas!
(not really, but it is coming!)
1 last piece!
120 denier!

not checks this time, but these are gorgeous, trust me.

of red, maroonish and grey lines! so christmas in my opinion!

like? no?


with flash

without flash

rm20 only

1 last piece

little X's all around those legs!

a modified fish net.

i'm lovin' it! are you? :)

rm20 only

school girl

all gone!
email by 7 nov to restock!

knee length basic black socks! wheeeee~

very good material.
rm12 only

pleats rocks my socks!

all gone
now now.. since its going to be Halloween in just a few days time.. any takers for a Japanese school girl? :P

there's an undetachable band which compliments the whole look :)

hidden side zips.

side view

measurementslaid flat! typo error girls, its actually tagged size S :/

color: scottish blue-red, tagged size S (back ground of skirt is a very very dark blue)
its a bit big for model so she wear it as a hipster which looks fab too! :) model is uk6-8

rm35 only

well well well, another on in a different color! :)

email by 7 nov to restock!

more more more!

tweed pleats mini skirt.
pair it with those knee length or any stocking and you'll look mighty-fine!

the back

the design for this is different than the 1st. This is equipped with 2 cute buttons!

hidden side zips too!


with flash

without flash + measurements laid flat

color: scottish red (size S only) - SOLD!
this skirt has a smaller cutting and very cute!

model is wearing em' a little higher since its smaller than size M but still pretty much around the hip area too.

rm35 only

another one!

email by 7 nov to restock!

black background with blue and white lines!

the back


with flash

without flash + measurementslaid flat
typo! size M actually. Gosh, I'm so blur sometimes.

color: scottish blue-white (size M only) - SOLD!

worn on models hips :) in fact all the skirts are not at waist area!

rm35 only

last one ladies!
scottish red 2 (Size M)
LAST piece!

still available due to back out buyer

whops! its actually size M, sorry for the typo huns.
picture with no flash

picture with flash

color: scottish red 2 (a little different from the 1st scottish red) -size M - SOLD

sorry no pics on model but i assure u this piece is as gorgeous as the rest!

take note:
all "tweed" skirts are actually cotton but feels like tweed! will not itch (unless maybe u have super uber sensitive skin.. :/) but otherwise it's very comfy and no worries about feeling hot in this!

rm35 only



email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com

or text: 016-2577131

Miss OCD herself.

Tomorrow night (28 october)

Hint: something for those hips! (:

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