22 October 2010

Like every book, every chapter gets better...

Hello all :)

Before you read, I would like to apologize for the sudden stop of updates. I have been adjusting and struggling to post what I have to say next.. Before I go on, I need to say that this wasn't an easy decision. But decisions need to be made none the less. So here goes..

I will be leaving Malaysia in November to pursue another job in Singapore. Miss OCD (OCD TRADING) will be shut down. But no worries, I do intend to come back after my contract ends :) It has been an outstanding 2 years and it has been my pleasure to serve each and every one of you. It has been a blessing and a great experience. But I am afraid we now have to part ways. No, this isn't a goodbye but more of a new adventure for me. I hope that when I do come back with a bigger bang (*cross fingers*), you girls will still be here.

I have loads of people to thank.

Firstly to my customers: Without each and every one of you, I would have nothing, and would think I am nothing.

To my family: For always being supportive no matter what.

To my friends: For keeping me sane.

Also, I would like to apologize if there were any misunderstandings or mistakes and I hope there are no hard feelings :)

Laura Teo
*Miss OCD in Shopping
*Miss OCD Shoes


shazwina said...

Hi there =) I've been checking this site everyday to see if there are any updates n ur new post explains it..
I wish u the best of luck in Singapore! ^^ N might I say, ur blogshop is one of the best blogshops around, kudos to u! ^^

p/s: i cant seem to find the 'available' word.. or am i looking at the wrong place XD

huixian said...

all the best to u! :) we will miss you, take care!

miss ocd said...

hui xian: thank you for your wishes :) do drop by from march 2011 for overseas goodies (as i will be travelling and might buy some random stuff to sell for fun on the blog :))

shazwina: ops sorry! its the "available stocks" tab :) thank you for the support love! <3 really appreciate it..

Anonymous said...

All the best in Singapore, work wise and social wise, I'll miss going through your blog and ''seeing myself'' in the clothes, and actually playing stylist just by trying to mix and match the clothes. I shall wear the pants I bought from you, with care because, they are so chic and I treasure them dearly. AND YES, I'll be waiting for the random overseas updates, (5 months in counting :))

Miss OCD said...

anonymous: thank you :) really appreciate it <3 yes, please do come back! :DDD


nur said...

Nooo, your blogshop is one of my favorites! was expecting clothes updates tho heh. shocking announcement but good luck yea! take care :)

Kahani said...

Will miss you, but congratulations and all the best! I'm sure you'll take them by storm.

Anonymous said...

I actually cried :( you're one of the best blogsellers I've ever dealt with and now it's all gone! :( shipping in sg would cost a lot. :/ well, goodluck tho!!

miss ocd said...

nur: thank you for dropping by. i really appreciate your support hun.. but for now, i really want to embark on this new journey :) hopefully things work out after my contract ends :) do drop by in march 2011 for overseas items! *hopefully!*

kahani: aw! you're too sweet! thank you thank you <3

anonymous: oh no dear, please don't.. we will be coming back so this isn't goodbye love.. take care hun! shipping from sg would be ok. not as expensive as other places.. <3

Anonymous said...

You sound like you're about to join an airline in singapore. Yes, we are looking forward to new stuff that you can bring in...good luck to you in your new career :)

Nexcel Online Shopping said...

Wil be glad to see you soon :0
I wish you all the best