03 July 2010

*sorry if the headless me freaked you out -.-" my face expression cannot pass to post here hahaha :D*


We finally touched down last night! Phew!

Our business trip was very successful despite our super over excess baggage (hahaha..) and us missing our flight back =.= But it is all good! :D please wait patiently for our next update as we need time to sort out everything (what you see above is only 10% of what we have..) and also to get our health back as we are currently feeling super dehydrated and tired :(

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for being every so loyal and supportive. We cannot express how much we appreciate you girls and all that we have gone through together- From bearing with late deliveries by pos malaysia, to waiting for restocks and most of all, trusting us endlessly.

We are stoked to share what we have brought back! Take note: All items are very exclusive and will not be restockable so please stay tuned to our blog OR subscribe to our mailing list to be updated at all times :)

In the meantime, save those moolah and wait for the update alright? :D

***to join our mailing list, just email us and say "I want to suscribe" It's that easy! :)***

Love love love always,
Miss OCD

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