14 September 2010

Welcome back from RAYA :)

Hello all ;)

Welcome back from the RAYA holidays! For those who celebrated RAYA, we hope you enjoyed the family + friends bonding and of course, the glorious FOOD! And for those who are still taking a chill pill back in your respective hometown, we hope you travel back safely. As for those who did not celebrate this festive celebration, we hope you enjoyed the holidays! :D We would also like to take this opportunity to WELCOME back our usual photographer :) AND we apologize for the slightly pixelated pictures this week. We are currently looking for a new camera as the current one we have is falling apart. (lens case stripped off + inner mechanics all fell off!) Any recommendations on cameras? Email us!

We present you with another update :)

Please fill up the order form below during order..




Contact Number:


Colors (If applicable)

Size (If applicable)

Feel free to add more items by using " , "

The usual rules apply:

* 1st pay, 1st get basis. Email to enquire if they are still available. If they are, a reply will be sent with total amount along with bank details.
* Please email once payment is made (very very very important!) If no emails are sent, items will still be up for grabs.
* Remember to KEEP the receipt (for manual transactions) / take a SCREEN SHOT (for online transaction)
* Usual promotion still stands: Buy rm100 and above (garments) and enjoy free poslaju.
* SMS has been discontinued.
* Email your orders to: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com with Order name and Tel no
* Lastly, happy shopping :)

Love always,
Miss OCD


Anonymous said...

hey missocd. i think i prefer your pictures taken outside. the new pics make me sleeepy. ignore those haters in NOS they are just jealous

miss ocd said...

Hey anonymous :)

Thank you for your feedback.

The reason why we started taking pictures inside is because the model is getting very tanned.

<3 Miss OCD in Shopping