11 June 2010

take note : early updates this week


12 June

Time: 7.30pm

item name: mini straw bag

with magnetic closure & long straps

think quirky, cute and fun!


item name: superfluous top

simply effortless & chic :)


item name: denim flush

floral + denim = the perfect combo :)
(rugged and soft..)


item name: awesomeness chained shoes

skull zips

everyone needs subtle statement flats ;)


item name: kinked cutey

a fluffy skirt that will surely get loads of attention.

top notch quality

3 layers
1st - ruffles
2nd - ruffles
3rd - tutu nets


item name: happy floral shorts

smocked back

this pop-ish shorts will add a twist of fun to any outfit :)


item name: blazer dash

in smacking pink now! ;)

you can't see it, but the cutting is absolutely gorgeous..


item name: debonair debutante

that IT satin sweetheart dress
our personal favourite ;)


item name: masquerade mask

in white and grey(silver)


We will be away from Sunday - Tuesday which is why our sneak preview is wayyyy earlier than usual. We will be updating on Saturday night so stay tuned.

NOT all items are on the sneak preview ;) We have moreee coming your way!

Love always,
Miss OCD in Shopping

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