11 May 2010

flower legs

all gone
topshop inspired!

from left to right: nude . grey . black

upclose on floral pattern


stretchable waistband

material is very soft + comfortable + ultra stretchable!
(will not scratch and bite [unless if you have very sensitive skin..])
comes with elastic waistband (unlike the usual pantyhose kind whereby it tends to slip down :/)

good news!
for the taller ones: the leggings is longer than usual! (refer to measurement below)
for the shorter ones: no worries, you can pull it up (like wearing panty hose.. and adjust it accordingly like how to model did :))

measurement laid flat
waist: 11" - 21" (super stretchable!)
length: 38"

1 for rm35
2 for rm64

3 for rm90

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