21 February 2010

Batch 2 : Luxury Shoes

the title says it all ;)

Batch 2:
21st Feb - 1st March


we have updated with a few new designs but the old ones are also up for pre orders. do bear with us as we are trying out more samples from supplier's from Korea and we will only bring it in for you girls if we are satisfied with the quality delivered. why? because we want to bring in the nicest quality products for luxury shoes :D

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luxury guaranteed :)

we are also conducting a survey whether or not to bring in office clothes. do give us your opinion (it will only take a few seconds of your time) :) it also will be great if you girls can email us to tell us what office clothes are you looking for. (for example: shirts, high waisted skirts, flared pants, slacks, dresses, etc etc etc!) feel free to share with us the dress code in your work place too (::

love always,
Miss OCD

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