20 October 2009

spanky pants

all gone
restock list full
not restockable

spanky pants/safety shorts
say no to flashing!

only available in black

do you see the lines? they seriously are the best creation ever! instant liposuction!

uber duper stretchy!



see that little pattern? it's actually a flower hehe ;)

only comes in black
made of uk4-12
very very VERY stretchable and thick!
with grip! enhances the butt definately and slims down the little tummy :)

measurement laid flat
length: 8"
waist: 10.2"

Every girl who loves to wear dresses/skirt (short or semi long or long!) needs this in their closet! ;) Miss OCD has been searching high and low since FOREVER and finally!!! ;) You have no idea how happy Miss OCD is ;))))) This shorts are too perfect to even be described! They aren't the normal tights but they have that X Factor whereby once it is worn, (if you notice the back and front pictures, they have the grip and lines to create a certain illusion :)) your body goes to a different level! I call it: Instant liposuction to the little tummy and the butt! :)

rm15 only

1 comment:

J e n n Y said...

hi, this one not going to restock?
desperately looking for good ones.
the pants i have are all loose now