21 March 2009


Hey all

First and foremost: I would like to say sorry to my email subscribers because I could not manually spam you guys.. Reason being this is that my usual desktop is not with me -.- and the feeder is not working i don't know why -.-


Yes my garden is back! But only for this week *sad* The usual plain wall will be used after this week :| Anyway, Miss OCD brings you a very very short update for this week! And please take note I will be away from Monday 23/3 till Friday 27/3 so please place your orders now and today! :D:D:D Without further a due, I hope you'll adore this one girls! Oh and do bear with the lousy quality pictures this time round.. My editing software was not working so my alternative solution made the quality of photo to be degraded once picture was resized :((

The usual:
Email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com
Text: 016-2577131

and please remember to include your name, name of item and hp number upon placing your lovely orders! :)

Miss OCD

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